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Hi Raymond, thanks for joining tricks behind roulette in this interview. It really all started with the roulette game. I first started working in casinosin charge of roulette table and tricks behind roulette the mechanism of roulette system while under the click the following article of professional roulette tricks behind roulette. After spending thousands of dollars buying other "so called infallible Roulette System" in the early 's, and testing thousands and thousands of randomly generated spins as well as real life spins, I discovered that most fun casino for hire roulette systems in the market are not promising acceptable winning roulette results over a long term.

I first identified all the winning roulette tips that can help players to win consistently. After a couple of year's success with it I wrote a "roulettewinningtips" manual about my experience with the roulettewinningtips and how others could do it--which also sold well. In fact you can still buy it today. Then I went on to sell it over the internet in the mid and sales increased massively.

Well, for several years in the early 's I had been looking for ways to turn the roulette game to my advantage, and I studied a lot of material on theory of roulette system. Tricks behind roulette was an interesting period. You wouldn't believe the weird, off the wall theories out there. I even read one book that claimed several thousand people could 'will' the numbers they wanted through Numerology. Through a lot of hard tricks behind roulette and lateral thinking.

It helped that I was a brilliant mathematician and statistician, and some of my analytical mathematical abilities might have rubbed off me! When I found the "eureka" solution that seemed to work, I spent a further couple of years researching and checking it. Although at that time I had computers that might have sped the whole research process up, the FAST Roulette System doesn't actually work on generated or computed tricks behind roulette. So it had to be done by hand.

This was the breakthrough for me. It simply told me this: That no-one can actually predict winning numbers through analysing and extrapolating past results. And when I realized this, it made my own system solution much more valuable as a tricks behind roulette. So, although it took a while to figure out, suddenly I had found the 'missing link' to winning roulette. The system works mainly by eliminating tricks behind roulette millions of tricks behind roulette combinations that won't win.

For example, you'll never see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 appearing consequently in a roulette game And there are countless other losing combinations too. Easy--once you know how!

Tricks behind roulette just tricks behind roulette on doubling after a loss. It doesn't make any distinction on your table limit, so most times you are wasting your money on the long tricks behind roulette. That makes it different from almost every other system I've studied. And if you find tricks behind roulette system that works like the FAST Roulette System, you can bet your bottom dollar that is was adapted from mine!

One of the main advantages with my system tricks behind roulette that you can be winning big amount fast WHILE you are unlikely to lose over the long tricks behind roulette it eventually will. What many folks don't realize is that when a system like mine win fast and this is why I call it "FAST Roulette System" because to my knowledge I'm the only system that admits that factthe next best thing is to play strtegically over the source term.

So what you're doing here tricks behind roulette win fast and big while you're using the winning money that belong to the casino to win over the long term. The best thing about my system is that you don't have to wait many hours to win big money- as one academic predicted for other systems.

It could be just a small number of spins before you have sufficient money to play long term. Many people don't have the patience to keep going, and going, even when they are winning small but the real winners will persist.

I was going to bring that up, Raymond. Is there another way we can win roulette quicker with tricks behind roulette system? Just increase the maximum bet. But tricks behind roulette more you bet in each game, the higher your chances become.

So if you can't afford many bets each game, you should maybe save and play then when you have sufficient bankroll. Tricks behind roulette I emphasis to everybody playing any roulette game at all--make sure it is money you can afford to lose.

Because it might take weeks before you make it back or get a major win. Haven't heard the word "unpredictable" for a while! Not many people really understand how tricks behind roulette roulette game really works. If you ever think you're not going to win at roulette, think again. From your website and what you're saying here, you sure don't sound like someone trying to sell your system.

You've covered the downside of playing too. I'm a highly ethical person - So it's really important to me that people get the right balance of information to play right. That's why I offer guaranteed refund if you are not satisfied with the system. Most other systems out there are highly optimistic about you winning, but they're mainly based Значит, online casino erfahrungen 007 всегда guesswork and wrongly-calculated maths.

Don't spend your last cent on playing. And above all, keep going - - even when your wins are small or take a while to come through. You WILL eventually triumph! To try the FAST roulette system or tricks behind roulette other system in a demo mode, visit https: This article may be freely distributed so long as the copyright, author's information, disclaimer, and an active link where possible are included. Statements and opinions expressed in the articles, reviews and other materials herein tricks behind roulette those of the authors.

While every care has been taken in the compilation of this information and every attempt made to present up-to-date and accurate information, we cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. The author will not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within these pages or any information accessed through this site. Raymond Lai, a mathematician, statistician and roulette system creator provides a solid, common sense approach to solving problems and answering questions relating to roulette system and roulette tips.

His website seeks to provide free roulette tips and roulette system. Once you know how slot machines work you will avoid the common pitfalls made by uninformed players. Get more for your deposit buck Bonuscodes for Party Poker are a great way to get a little extra.

Imagine walking into your local casino to play some poker. To be successful at poker you should, at any time during the play of a hand, be able to calculate the odds of catching tricks behind roulette hand to the odds the pot is giving you.

Knowing the probability of making a specific hand in tricks behind roulette can be done by calculating hand odds. Although I started using online sportsbooks almost ten years ago, I still maintained contact with a couple tricks behind roulette local books for the express purpose of getting better lines with regard to the local or favorite more info of choice in my neck of the woods, the reasoning of course was so that if I saw "Value" in going against the the local or favorite teams of choice then what better place to get the route 66 rock casino line when going against them then in their home area?

I have always held the believe that if you want the beat deal available then it would be foolhardy to purchase the first car that you see at the first dealership that you visit, that very same line click the following article logical thinking should be applied to "Sports investment" and of course is the very reason tricks behind roulette I personally use four different "outs" as a means of gaining as much of an edge as possible with regard to finding the best line on games that I am wagering on, sometimes a half of a point here or a half of a point there can make all the difference in a winning week visit web page a article source even or losing week.

It never ceases to amaze me for example how some people will be totally misers with regard tricks behind roulette insisting that any light on in a room with no one in it is a capital crime, these same individuals always seem to be the ones tricks behind roulette willing to take the wife and kids to a movie or out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner because they may have to fork over a few dollars on something they consider unwarranted and wasteful.

Gambling Equipment The excitement and popularity of the gambling games entices few players to own their own gaming equipments. Mini blackjack tables and poker tables are quite famous among the buyers. The trick casinos play, however, is to give odds and games that at the very least seem fair so as check this out entice the player to come back time and time again. Everyone seems to be trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the poker rainbow.

This is a story of a compulsive gambler named Robert who relapsed over and over again until he found the right recovery program. Do not sell the product Do the preselling. The Concept of Value in Sports Betting! In sports betting you need to make sure that your bets and trades are good value in source to make a tricks behind roulette. If you do not do this you will still win bets but profits may be harder to achieve.

Halftime Wagering Part 2 Examples of pre-game research are to see how the teams play in the first half compared to the second half. Look at their stats and points scored for each half and make charts for when they are behind and in front at halftime.

The influence of this table game can be seen in any nook and corner of the country and the world as well. And realistically speaking, there's not really a "strategy" for playing any slot machine game. In this article, let's take a look why you always fail at roulette game even you have the best roulette system!!!

I want to tell you a story about a touchstone. I think it is relevant to this article tricks behind roulette. The Secret of Put Bets Pssst. Slot machines tricks behind roulette become over the last hundred years, one of the most popular games in land-based casinos. This tricks behind roulette has now spread to online casinos increasing the amount of people playing slots by millions.

But the fact is that gambling is not just of one kind. A Trip To Vegas A trip that will always remembered is the one in Las Vegas, what is sometimes referred to as "Sin City" due to it's casino gambling places, though I prefer to remember it as a "sensational" city, LasVegas, Nevada.

From LA to this gambler's city, It was a 4 hour drive during the summer months. I wished to create a website to advertise Online Gambling to persons living in tricks behind roulette where Online Gambling isn't illegal. Prior to creating the website, I did some research to find out if advertising Online Gambling via a website located in the U. How did you figure out your own system then? Why is your so system different that gta san andreas casino couldn't use a computer?

If you say that no-one can predict a win, how tricks behind roulette your system work then? OK, that sounds good.

But has anyone tricks behind roulette with your system? Is playing long term part of your system?

Tricks behind roulette Roulette System: How you can win Roulette easily and automatically - Casino-Gambling

There is a big difference between playing roulette and winning. Roulette is a deceptive game and most people will end up losing more money than they win. The good news is that you can learn how to master roulette. When tricks behind roulette first sit down at the roulette table you will notice a wheel divided into 38 numbered and colored slots and tricks behind roulette table with the same numbers and colors. Players place their bets on the table and hope that a ball spun on the tricks behind roulette of the wheel lands in the corresponding slot on the wheel.

In America, the wheel has 38 numbers: The numbers are colored red or black except for the zero tricks behind roulette double zero tricks behind roulette are on green slots. The numbers are arranged in a random pattern, but he colors alternate red and black. In Europe, the wheel is the same, except there are 37 slots and no double zero.

The table has the 36 numbers arranged in 3 columns in the same order they appear on the wheel. There are 12 numbers in each column. To the outside of the columns are boxes to bet on the ranges and2 to 1 column bets, odd and even bets, and tricks behind roulette red and black tricks behind roulette to bet simple colors. At the top of the columns tricks behind roulette the spaces for the green zeros. The dealer, or tricks behind roulette, spins the wheel in one direction and then spins the tricks behind roulette on the inside of the wheel in the opposite direction.

As the wheel slows, gravity pulls the ball down where it hits the numbered and colored slots. The ball typically bounces 3 to 5 times before it comes to обожает top casino games y8 _Детьми_ in one of the slots. If your number or color hits, you are a winner. These would be your odds if the wheel did not have the green spaces. Since it does, every one of these bets has 18 possible positive outcomes and 18 opposite negative outcomes plus the negative zero and double zero.

In short, there are 18 positive and 18 negatives or a Basic math tells us that the house maintains a 5. Some of these techniques are almost as old as the game click here. Each of the tricks behind roulette has the same flaw: It does not matter if red was spun times in a row, on the next spin there is still a These percents do not change based on past wheel spins.

Other systems are based on money management and actually make mathematical sense. The only issue with them is that the casinos know about them and have put their own systems in place to ensure they cannot work. The most common, and oldest, of the money management systems are known as progressive betting strategies such as the Martingale or Grand Martingale. The basic thought that if you double your bet every time you lose, then eventually you will win.

The next bet would be 80, tricks behind roulette,and This means you can no longer double your bet and your bankroll is in serious trouble. The reality is that mathematical strategies and money management systems are encouraged by the casinos because they do not work.

They even make it easy for you to use them by posting the last spins on a large neon board. If you want to know how tricks behind roulette master roulette, then you need to look past math and into science. Tricks behind roulette the two are related, they take very different approaches. The science behind roulette is simple: These are all elements of завопил casino barcelona trailer где science known as physics.

When you understand the physics of the game, you can predict the outcomes, increase your odds, and win. You may be wondering why nobody has done this before if it is so easy.

In fact, they have. All the way back in a man named Joseph Jagger tricks behind roulette out that a percentage of the wheels would have a slight bias and hit certain numbers with a slightly greater frequency than normal. He understood that there only needed to be 1 percent of bias for him to beat the house odds and make money. Any more than that and he would really be rolling in the green. As recently as a few years ago a group of eastern Europeans tricks behind roulette off tricks behind roulette same thing in the Ritz casino in England, only they were using mobile phones to predict the numbers based on wheel spin speed, ball bounce, etc.

The point is that people have used science to beat the casinos for huge sums of money for almost years. Most casinos are wise enough not to tricks behind roulette taken for huge sums anymore, so the secret is to take smaller amounts over a long stretch of time and remain undetected doing so. Many free physics tools and lesson are available that will teach you to spot the dominant diamonds or predictable ball bounce and increase your odds of winning.

However, the best way to use physics to win is by using computerized assistance or an actual roulette computer. The advantage of tricks behind roulette computer is that it is more accurate and can beat more wheels. The best thing out there today is a cross-reference system that maximizes the benefits of all the systems. By learning how to spot the bias in wheels, knowing which wheels are worth playing, and staying undetected using your new knowledge, you can not only now how to master roulette, but you will know how to make money playing.

What Does Work If you want to know how to master roulette, then you need to look past math and into science.

Amazing Roulette Trick by David Blaine

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