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Except as noted, members online casino 888 zambia the genus Lepista look almost, but not quite like either a Tricholoma or a Clitocybe. That is, cap is fleshy and gills are attached to a fleshy over 5 mm thickand stem is central and fibrous when broken, fibers leave a ragged edge.

There is no ring on the stem. CAP sizes range from cm to cm with a giant at cm. Cap surfaces may be dry or moist but typically not sticky; smooth, sometimes with hairs, not scaly in PNW species. Cap margins in young fruiting bodies inroll in most species, incurve in a few. Cap colors are white, buff, dark brown, purple or purple tinged.

In a few species fresh moist caps change color on drying hygrophanous. Gills are thin, typically close or crowded, rarely subdistant, not waxy looking, edges even. In several species gills are divided from the cap by a watery or subcartilaginous line or zone and then gills will separate as a unit from the cap.

STEMS are equal or sometimes tapering either way with the base almost club-shaped or bulbous in a few species. They may be inserted or bound to debris with mycelium in certain species or with root-like hairs rhizoids in one species.

All species grow on the ground, and most species in clusters caespitose or densely gregarious in online casino 888 zambia rings. The microscopic description states Lepista contains those species of Tricholomataceae with roughened, colored spores and clamp connections on the hyphae of the fruiting body. Spores are ellipsoid, except when noted and then are globose.

When we note small warts, the roughness may not be visible under even an oil immersion lens. Although Tricholoma species typically have gills notched at the stem, as do online casino 888 zambia Lepista species, the spores of Tricholoma are white, read more colored, whereas Lepista spores PNW are pale buff or pinkish-buff.

Tricholoma caps never change color on drying; in several Lepista species color does so change. Young Tricholoma cap margins typically incurve, young Lepista cap margins typically inroll. Tricholoma species do not have purple colors; whitish Tricholomas are grayish; whitish Lepistas are typically brownish or buff tinged.

Tricholomopsis species grow on wood or buried wood. Lepista species grow on soil. Clitocybe species typically have gills running down the stem and inrolled cap margins. Lepista species with such characteristics may not be readily distinguished, except that if gills run down stem, they are nearly always short decurrent. White, buff and pinkish tan colors are common to both genera.

In the Pacific Northwest, Lepista casino bonus ohne einzahlung mit auszahlung do not have blue or strong gray to blackish colors. Clitocybe species have no purple colors. Most Lepista species have a growth habit that is online casino 888 zambia, sub-clustered or at least gregarious. In the Pacific Northwest species, Clitocybe has white spores; Lepista pale pinkish buff or pinkish buff online casino 888 zambia. Spore print and mature gill color may be pink to dirty gray, from very pale to dark.

In the Pacific Northwest they may be separated on a species basis. Rhodocybe species are typically very small and have thin cartilaginous stems Collybia habit. Lepistas typically have a fleshy stem. On microscopic examination Rhodocybe species have roughened to online casino 888 zambia spores, but members of the genus typically separate from Lepista by absence of clamp connections and presence of cystidia.

Most colors are described generically in this key. Buff, a common color in this section, is cumbersome to describe generically. The unmodified term "buff" describes a wide range of more or less grayed and therefore slightly dirty looking, too light to be brown colors in the yellowish-pink, orange to yellowish hues.

The following buff terms are exact color terms: Bigelow and Smith classify Lepista as a section of Clitocybe.

Many authorities do not accept that analysis. This key shows Clitocybe names because not all species have a Lepista designation. The key is presented as written in How applicable is it to the species now known as Lepista? Here is a list of some other Pacific Northwest species have been places in Lepista by other authors.

These are not included in Section Verruculosae by Bigelow and are not part of this key. Harmaja Clitocybe flaccida Fr. Online casino 888 zambia Harmaja Clitocybe inversa Fr. Online casino 888 zambia Clitocybe phyllophila Fr. In the list immediately above, only Lepista idahoensis had its current name in Lepista in the online Index Fungorum, accessed January 24, Lepista flaccida and Lepista inversa are synonyms of Paralepista flaccidaand the rest have current names in Clitocybe.

On the other hand, most of the Lepista species in this key Section Verruculosae had their current names in Lepista. An exception is Lepista praemagna which had the current name Clitocybe praemagna.

Thus this key is still quite applicable to modern Lepista. CAP cm broad, convex becoming flat, edge incurved at first, surface dry, dull, cracked in age, white to cream or light brown in age; flesh thick in central area, white. GILLS squarely attached or somewhat notched, close to subdistant, broad up to 12 mmwhitish. STEM cm long, 1. Cap flat, edge inrolled, flesh thin, white; gills close, readily separable from cap, edges not staining; stem off-center, no mycelium at base; on road banks.

CAP cm broad, edge white, central area tinged gray to dingy pink; surface Синий mystic lake casino октопаучиха hairy.

ODOR evident when crushed. GILLS squarely attached, finally short decurrent, close to subdistant, broad near stem, edges even, faint grayish pink becoming vinaceous buff to light yellow to grayish yellow-brown. STEM cm long x 1. Cap obtuse, then flat, edge inrolled, flesh thick in central area, thin on edge; sometimes clustered. Cap convex, then flat, edge inrolled then straight, flesh thick in central area, thin on edge; always clustered.

Typically smaller than other white to buff species. Cap convex then flat, edge incurved, flesh thick; gills separable from cap, edges stain brown; may be gregarious or solitary. CAP cm, surface moist, opaque at times, pinkish buff or pale pinkish buff fading to off white in age; flesh thick, soft, fragile, pale pinkish buff.

GILLS squarely attached to short decurrent, crowded to close, edges even, narrow then broad, white then creamy to pinkish buff. STEM cm x cm at top, with whitish mycelium at base; base enlarged and club-shaped, solid; surface with online casino 888 zambia fibers or lines, watery buff near online casino 888 zambia color darkening near base in age.

Cap with obtuse knob, edge inrolled becoming flat with a low broad knob; gills not bruising. CAP cm broad, at first obtuse with incurved edge, then convex to flat, edge lobed or splitting; surface moist, evenly pale pinkish buff, paler old; flesh splits into layers, thick in center, very brittle, white or off-white.

GILLS notched, crowded, narrow mmvery thin, in tiers, equal, white to a pale grayish yellowish-pink, not darkening old. CAP cm, at first convex with inrolled edge, becoming flat, center occasionally slightly link surface moist, changing color from dark grayish brown to a yellow brown or a tan on initial drying; usually dry in dry weather; flesh thin, brittle, color same as cap or gills moist, whitish faded.

ODOR fungoid or absent. TASTE mild or disagreeable. GILLS attached squarely or tooth running learn more here stem evenly casino im gewinnen quizduell a sharp line or collar on upper stem, narrow to broad to 8 mmcrowded or close, grayish yellow brown to brownish pink. STEM cm x cm thick at top, equal or tapered either way; see more taproot-like at online casino 888 zambia and occasionally with white root-like cords rhizoidsfibrous, solid or hollow, surface same color as gills.

CAP cm broad, at first convex, sometimes with slight obtuse knob expanding to online casino 888 zambia deeply depressed with edge turned upward, surface hairless, center sometimes scaly from cracking of skin; color changes on initial То, mr green casino promotions полагала from medium pink or purplish pink to pale orange-yellow or dingy whitish; flesh thin, fragile, off-white to moderate pink.

GILLS squarely attached to notched, close to nearly subdistant, medium broad at least near stem, many tiers present, off-white, soon light purplish gray or purplish pink, finally moderate pink especially when wet.

CAP 15 cm broad, central area depressed when mature; surface online casino 888 zambia or glazed, white or off-white, becoming cream buff or a duller very pale yellowish-brown; flesh firm but brittle, whitish to watery gray. GILLS squarely attached, then short decurrent to decurrent, forked and fused together, white or whitish becoming pinkish buff. STEM cm x click at this page. Lepista densifolia Michael Beug.

CAP cm, central area slightly depressed when mature; surface slightly striate at times, opaque with satiny luster, white or whitish; flesh brittle, white. GILLS squarely attached becoming short decurrent, attached evenly at stem forming a line or collar, online casino 888 zambia at times, edges even, pale buff. Lepista subconnexa John Plischke. CAP 2 cm broad, surface smooth, almost sticky young, then dry, sometimes pitted or with watery spots; whitish young or dry, soon pale buff; flesh thick, soft, whitish or pinkish to light online casino 888 zambia. GILLS squarely attached, decurrent by a tooth or rarely decurrent, crowded, narrow to moderately broad mmeven to uneven, whitish then vinaceous buff to pale yellowish to grayish yellowish-brown.

STEM cm x 1. L irina v irina Michael Beug. CAP cm broad, at first online casino 888 zambia, then broadly convex with inrolled edge, becoming flat online casino 888 zambia retaining obtuse knob, edge split old; surface moist, pale watery buff with faint purple tint, center darkening slightly to a grayed yellowish-pink old; flesh thick, firm but brittle, white or with faint pinkish tinge.

ODOR fragrant or none. GILLS squarely attached or notched, crowded, thin, narrow to 7 mmequal, gray with read more purplish or pinkish tinge.

Lepista glaucocana Online casino 888 zambia Scates Barnhart. CAP cm broad, broadly convex with edge inrolled becoming flat; surface smooth, watery-appearing fresh, color changing from light purple, reddish purple or grayish red, fading from the center to a buff, finally darkening to a dingy dark brown; flesh убили" www casino dortmund de Всем to thick, soft online casino 888 zambia pliant, watery at first, dull lilac, then whitish.

GILLS notched, attached squarely or decurrent by a tooth, close to crowded, narrow mmpale purple becoming buff to brownish old, edges even or uneven. Lepista nuda Steve Trudell. CAP cm broad, obtuse with inrolled and incurved edge, then convex to flat with shallow depression in center, edge finally uplifted and spreading; surface dull, changes from deep violet or light grayish reddish through yellowish brown fading through vinaceous buff to slightly more reddish or yellowish; flesh thin, firm, brittle, same color as moist cap.

GILLS squarely attached to notched at first then running down stem, close to subdistant, narrow to moderately broad L tarda v tarda Steve Trudell.

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