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Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Hi Srikanth, I have merged some zipSplit files into net. ZipFile file from your library and i am trying to extract it using objects from org. March 16, Hi Yoni, First of all, I really wonder merkur spielautomaten download 2013 you want to have complete file content in memory byte array. Why don't you read the content whenever you need it? March 14, So i have thought that you have already closed it in your code.

This is my stack trace: March 15, Hi Yoni, Based on your requirements I have written a method below. Try it and let merkur spielautomaten download 2013 know if it works for you: This method reads the the content of each file in a zip file into a byte array and puts it in a hashmap with the file name as the key. Once this is done, the original zip file is deleted. If this is a split file, all split parts of the zip file are deleted as well. Hi Srikanth, Actually at the very same moment when i have been finished reading your method i realized merkur spielautomaten download 2013 was my mistake.

It was on my side, very noob one, i was trying to read the file content in byte array with hustler casino same size like the encrypted content. Meanwhile you haven't answered me visit web page i can't read zip files, made with your library, with other java libraries for zip files.

I am just curious about that- it really makes the code reuse of methods, written with other libraries for zip files impossible.

Hi Yoni, Zip4j is designed to create Zip files as per standard Merkur spielautomaten download 2013 specifications. It would be very interesting merkur spielautomaten download 2013 know. Hi Srikanth, I have tried to unzip my merged Zip file, none split Zip files as well, made with your library using methods from org.

With the real pokies online play one i was thrown an exception that "No Archiver found for the stream signature", with the second one the arhive was read as empty. Methods have been tested before and they are working tip top. March 18, Hi Yoni, I was able to reproduce this for a merged zip file created from split zip archives. Java's inbuilt zip does not recognize the files. Java's zip ignores one field in the header information and that's the reason it cannot find any files.

I will merkur spielautomaten download 2013 a fix for this so that it works even with Java's zip utility. And Merkur spielautomaten download 2013 guess merkur spielautomaten download 2013 might be the same reason for Apache library as well.

Hi Yoni, Fix is included in today's release v1. Hi Srikanth, Sounds very interesting. Actually i have read Zip specification- it was when i was trying to make zip split files on my jeu en ligne gestion They are section K if i remember it well.

Hi Yoni, A split zip file has a signature at the first 4 bytes in the first split file. Every file in a zip file has a file header and a corresponding local file header.

File header contains information about the location offset of prism casino sign in local file header in the zip file. Until this release, Zip4j did not remove this split signature after the split merkur spielautomaten download 2013 files were merged but the first file header says that the offset of the local file header is at 5th byte. Java's Zip presumes that this local file merkur spielautomaten download 2013 starts at the first byte.

Fix for this was to remove the first 4 bytes Split signature after the split zip file is merged. Hi Srikanth, Your library is still not working properly withorg. Hi Yoni, I just tried with a simple example using Apache Commons Compression library and the zip file that was merged with Zip4j and it worked fine for me.

But there was one issue which is fixed in today's release v1. It is not related to this issue directly but maybe this will fix the error which you get. If you still have this error, could you please answer a couple of questions: How many files does the merged zip file contain?

Is this zip file encrypted? Hi Srikanth, The answers of your questions are: March 28,

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