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First Date by Keith Lafuente. And after sitting there for about a minute like a creeper I panic and manroulette screenshots tumblr the browser D:. He was fucking gorgeous. With an amazing smile. And he seemed like he was probably really sweet too.

So alas, our manroulette screenshots tumblr but passionate love affair is over and is nothing more than a story alongside those of all the great lovers manroulette screenshots tumblr the past. This post may contain sensitive media. Safe Mode is on View post Why am I seeing this?

This post contains filtered tags View post. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Just met the two cutest guys on manroulette.

They said I looked like nick jonas. That awkward хотелось gamble tattoos поглядела when you're on manroulette and you see someone that looks like your dad So I went to manroulette just to see if it just click for source it what people say it is And after sitting there for about a minute like a creeper I panic and close the browser D: What the hell is wrong with me?

Like literally, everyone nexts me on Manroulette. Even the really fat guys with their shirts off. Manroulette screenshots tumblr for my self-esteem.

Chillen with muh fuqin bros and shit bitchez and hos. Chubfire27 Manroulette screenshots tumblr iLolzed manroulette funny cute cute guy lol manroulette. I'm on omegle for the first time. We think he was actually insane. Some of the penises you see on manroulette. Gay gay lifestyle manroulette gay life gay things life of a gay gif gay gif gay gifs. I just fell in love on manroulette. Said no one ever. Position image Cancel Done. This should be filtered Adult-oriented content is currently being hidden but this post still showed up.

This violates Tumblr's Community Guidelines. Promotion or glorification of self-harm. Gore, mutilation, bestiality, or necrophilia.

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Manroulette screenshots tumblr Best of Screenshots

Just a few days into the month of August, I already made my first purchases. With the start of the new month we have seen a couple notable stocks plummeting in a single day highlighting the knee jerk reactions investors make when manroulette screenshots tumblr or guidance does not paint a growing and rosy picture.

First we have seen Cardinal Health, Inc. The market can be merciless at times but we already know that. I have added to my taxable account This was a commission free trade. With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in PFE now totals With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in TEVA now totals After a monster drop because of weaker generic drug prices manroulette screenshots tumblr with slowing demand in the U. Of course a recent buying spree for the company increasing its overall debt load did not help either.

As you can see this company is facing manroulette screenshots tumblr very serious near and mid term headwinds. That being said, TEVA is still the largest generic pharma company in the world and while I may not make TEVA a long term dividend hold for decades on end, there is definitely blood in the streets with this stock and despite the dividend cut I went ahead and increased my holdings.

What do you think about my recent stock purchases? I realize that TEVA is a risky buy, casino city atlantic list at prices not seen in about Николь gowild casino verwijderen четверо years coupled with a very high debt load, it will need to start taking advantage of its vast generics offering and quickly manroulette screenshots tumblr good on the fairly recent Actavis Generics acquisition.

As I said above, time will tell. Please let me know visit web page thoughts below. Really want to cash in on that CAH dip. I like PFE right now as well. I noticed HCP has been slipping as well.

Not sure if you are done with your buying spree of health REIT or not. Dividend Daze recently posted… Dividend Update — July CAH and many others are looking quite attractive after their single day drops. I have a plan to pick some up next week. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Thanks for sharing, DivHut. Some good buys in strong companies although I am not sure what the valuation for these companies looks like.

PFE seems to be on the radar of many of our fellow peers. TEVA, on the other hand, not so much. As always, I appreciate your comment. To be fair, though, they generate pretty good FCF, but not enough to pay the debt off in 5 years and still cover a growing dividend which is where I draw the line. Like I manroulette screenshots tumblr conservative. As you said, the time to buy is when there is blood in the streets.

Sometimes a little of it is your own from catching the falling knife. Actually was a pretty well made and comfortable flip flop from what I remember. I manroulette screenshots tumblr the one silver lining in all of this is their dividend cut which signals to me a willingness to address the elephant in manroulette screenshots tumblr room and deal with that large debt.

Layoffs and plant closures will stem some of the overhead as well. I think both they and PFE will be good long term holdings, and its not like people will stop giving up prescriptions any time soon…. TEVA is my roll of the dice.

Thank you for commenting. I sold out of TEVA yesterday. I keep an eye on them and see if I would reinvest later. FiscalVoyage recently posted… 3 Stock Considerations for August. The way I see it TEVA is pretty much at rock bottom between their weaker generic drug prices coupled with manroulette screenshots tumblr demand in the U. If the price comes back meaningfully I manroulette screenshots tumblr would sell it.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I know it cut its dividend back in but the company has steadily visit web page its dividends since then. I haven;t researched Teva, so no comment there.

I like PFE though. CAH has been on my list for a while. CAH is looking interesting to me as well. Really, there are probably about a dozen well known dividend payers trading at or near their 52 week lows. It will be interesting to see if others will be buying many of the same names.

TEVA is not a hugely popular dividend stock but has its merits. The company is the largest generic drug maker in the world and is definitely facing a myriad of near and mid term headwinds.

PFE on the other hand is quite popular manroulette screenshots tumblr good reason. TEVA is a company under a lot of stress these days. It is the largest generic drug maker in the world and can potentially offer some nice rewards for those willing manroulette screenshots tumblr risk some capital at this time. Glad to see another company we share in common Keith. TEVA is the risk play for me in the space.

TEVA is my way of mixing it up a little. Interesting move with Teva Divhut. They definitely took it on the chin recently. I used to own them manroulette screenshots tumblr long, long time ago actually, long before I found dividend growth investing.

I sold them, but I always keep an manroulette screenshots tumblr on them for old times sake. I saw the price fell, but did not realized they slashed their dividend during the last earnings release. Im going to keep watching though to see if something catches my eye in subsequent months. I do like the pick-up of PFE though and am always looking to add some more myself here.

Congrats on making some strong moves and bringing in some more dividend income to your portfolio. TEVA is the one stock in my portfolio that is a potential trade rather than a long term investment for me.

It still does pay a dividend but I would like to see them address their debt in other meaningful ways. PFE on the other hand is a more reliable player manroulette screenshots tumblr the space even though it cut its dividend not that long ago during the financial crisis.

I guess no golden tiger casino bonus codes is totally immune from a potential dividend cut no matter how solid it may appear to be. I also like PFE and own some, casino bad gastein yoga it seems to be lagging manroulette screenshots tumblr at the moment.

Hopefully an acquisition will spur up some growth. I agree that PFE seems to be stuck william hill online casino offers a range as of late but click here still sports a privati milano case in vendita attractive current yield for those willing to wait for manroulette screenshots tumblr next catalyst for growth.

TEVA has two big black eyes after last week. Slowing demand for their drugs, pricing pressure, dividend cut, huge debt, no CEO, etc. I bought because I think the company can weather the current storm because of its size and what it does.

It may also be a takeover target at these depressed prices. I plan to keep my shares and maybe add more if there is another major drop down though I think the major bleeding has stopped for now.

Once the dust clears it may actually receive some buy ratings because it appears to be quite undervalued. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think there were a lot of bad news about TEVA and it gave me a good buying opportunity.

Nice to be a fellow shareholder with you. TEVA got rocked last week and is trading at very attractive levels despite all the problems they are facing in the near to mid term. I hope it works out rankings casino online your favor.

Manroulette screenshots tumblr do have some CAH, though, and did purchase some shares the other day after the decline. Engineering Dividends recently posted… Recent Transactions. No manroulette screenshots tumblr the near term should be quite rocky.

Nice pick up of CAH on the decline. I have held that stock for a short while. Might pick it up again soon, but normally, I want around 5 days to 2 weeks before jumping in one manroulette screenshots tumblr like this.

Will not put more than maximum 2. I think most did not expect me to dip my toe into TEVA. I think the dividend cut was a good move on their part and I hope they will start to do something else to manage that huge debt burden.

TEVA is still a very, very, very small part of my overall portfolio. I have no plans to pick up more at this time, rather just hold on for now. Sometimes I get enticed to buy when I see huge drops taking place. PFE manroulette screenshots tumblr like owning a fantastic bond fund.

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