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Casino themed centerpieces

I think we want to keep it super simple… I don't want to make people do a quiz, or a dance contest, or whatever. I think we might just have our MC announce at the end of the dinner, that whoever's birthday is next at the table gets to take the centerpiece home. Ah, the sticky question of who gets casino themed centerpieces, and how do casino themed centerpieces get them!

We know that some couples don't want guests taking centerpieces one reader had arranged to donate all her centerpieces to a local hospicewhich can be challenging because in some regions guests assume that centerpieces are for the taking. Other folks totally organize games or contests for guests to play to decide who gets to take centerpieces, making them function almost as large favors. For those of you who DO want guests to take centerpieces home, how are you doing it?

Or are you just letting folks snag 'em? I love that your blacksmith FH is making your centerpieces, and how do I get mine to hop on that wagon? Would love to see the pics…. We did something similar source the parents, I made the casino themed centerpieces vases that were used as center pieces and we gave the sets casino themed centerpieces parents one each and the others went to people that had been particularly helpful at our wedding.

We thought it was a nice way to say thank you to the people that put in extra time and effort to make our day special.

Our laidback spring wedding had an afternoon cookies-and-punch reception with potted gerbera casino themed centerpieces wrapped in craft paper on the tables, on top of a colored fabric square.

The colored fabric squares got turned into cloth napkins, that I use when company comes over. Not exactly giving them away, but a good way to reuse them. My dad made candle holders out of white birch from a local standing dead tree for my wedding. They were by far my favorite decoration. During the reception, he got up and gave a speech and ended it, "And take those damn casino themed centerpieces home. I'm not taking them back over the mountain!

I've been to ones where it was "whoever has the closest birthday at the table" casino themed centerpieces then that turned into "whoever wants one" because not that many people wanted them due to travel. I don't like centerpiece giveaway games of any sort even the birthday thing because of exactly that. It might not even be travel—maybe they just don't want it! At the end of the night as we were cleaning up with the help of friends and family who stuck aroundwe just shouted out that people should absolutely take anything they wanted from the centerpieces.

If you aren't doing your own clean up, having the DJ do it would work just as well, I would imagine. It's been sort of fun to go to their homes since and see them. Floral centerpieces are a little bit trickier since they are more difficult to transport for those coming from out of town. You can often arrange to donate these to hospitals.

If you forget, it's ok! I work at a wedding venue and often enjoy having floral centerpieces in my office the week after a wedding! Pro roulette under the chair is a good way to assign them to people.

If the winner doesn't want it, they can always offer it up to the other guests at their table. There goes my plan of casino themed centerpieces learn more here by using some of continue reading favorite candle holders from home!

It starts in high school…at least in my old school system, kids can take home the centerpieces from their prom. Better to play it safe and put in see more program "please do not take the centerpieces home; they are the personal belongings of the bridal couple". Thanks for the suggestion! I think we'll be doing that for the candleholders! I'm glad that I saw this because I never in 1, years would have anticipated that problem on my own, and this is my second marriage!

At least my relatives do—maybe it's an old school Italian thing. The combination of having to schlep the containers back and the nagging feeling that people would walk off with them led us to just buy the vases. It was nice to gift the centerpieces to people who helped out, but hadn't been acknowledged in a more formal way.

Maybe people only make that assumption with flowers and not candle holders though. It's true- I casino themed centerpieces gobsmacked when I started hearing that people will sometimes just casino themed centerpieces them, no matter what they are, even if it's not clearly noted that they are for the taking. Imagine if you rented some expensive vases for flowers and people article source casino themed centerpieces them… I've heard that sometimes people have added a quick announcement during the reception just to tell people not to take the centerpieces.

At my own wedding I had no incidents of people taking vases home. I had 24 vases at my reception, and went home with 23 only because one of the vases broke while cleaning up. Afterwards I passed on my wedding decorations to my cousin for his wedding. I didn't address the floral centerpieces at my wedding, and perhaps I should have. I think at continue reading half were taken home, including the glass vases!

I was thinking that since I had bought 25 vases Here would be able to sell them to another bride… but I ended up with about And it's not just centerpieces that people might assume are up for grabs! At my sister's wedding my mom worked really hard on a little display to honor our deceased grandparents which casino themed centerpieces a vintage Hamm's glass since my grandpa owned a casino themed centerpieces back in the day.

Not even halfway through the reception someone had pocketed it. I would love to hear some ideas too. I'm having a short reception, but I spent a pretty penny on flowers. I don't want to see them go in the trash. Also, the vases have to go back to the florist. I would LOVE people to casino themed centerpieces home the flowers at the end of the night… but NOT the vintage ball jars from my personal collection that will serve as the vessels. I'm not sure how to facilitate that and I'm worried I may have a ton of flowers to deal with as a result.

Is there a polite way to say take the flowers, leave the vases? My clients often use my vases for their events, and one way to have guests take flowers but leave vases is to have a roll of twine and some scissors on hand for your DOC or whoever is running the show to pull flowers out of the vases and tie them up. Sometimes I go to the venue at the end of casino themed centerpieces night and do the twine-tying myself if I need the vases again asap.

If you don't want people taking your jars, have it announced or announce it yourself before people start leaving. Why about plastic bottles or vases on a table with a sign that tschechien markt grenze casino asia "use me to casino themed centerpieces home some flowers! Don't know if we'll do this, but I just had a thought!

We have a friend who announces bingo at a couple local bars. If we were to do a contest, we'd be sure to get her involved! My fiance is into pottery, so he's going to throw some small-medium vases that I'll then help decorate with slip and glaze; the morning of, we'll fill them with grocery-store flowers. Since we're having a communal table at our reception, I'm thinking of going the stickers-under-the-chairs route to give them away reserving one for my parents.

And if nobody wants them, we're more than happy to keep them. If I get my way, our centerpieces will be sunflower-shaped tealight candles floating in water, so they should be safe casino themed centerpieces no one's gonna want go through the trouble casino themed centerpieces dumping out the square vases, or taking them home as is.

We donated casino themed centerpieces of ten to a hospice near the venue, and my aunts had the idea to take two to place on my grandparents' graves, which I am casino themed centerpieces glad they thought of — it was a lovely way to recognize them. What a wonderful idea. All of my grandparents have passed on, so I definitely think we will do this.

Thank you so much for the idea!! We had name cards at the table for the dinner. After dinner, the DJ asked everyone to put their namecards in the box for the centerpiece they wanted. I used these cute colored plastic boxes from Michael's, with a color picture of each centerpiece on each section 3 boxes with 3 sections each. About half an hour later, we did a give away where I held a pile of namecards like playing cards and my husband pulled out the winning slots and poker. We tried to make it go pretty quick, only took maybe 5 minutes.

Here's a photo casino themed centerpieces the centerpiece boxes for the giveaway. Our centerpieces were giant vases filled with paper cranes, and I told people to take them because if they didn't, I'd just throw the cranes away and return the vases to Salvation Army, where I found them originally. What ended up happening is that some people took handfuls of cranes, and my mother stole the rest and the vases and is hoarding them in her house because she casino themed centerpieces them so much.

We also had daisies winstar casino vip mason casino themed centerpieces, which were my mother-in-law's from when she cans fruits and veg from her gardens. She didn't mind I asked if some people walked away with some, but the rest read more mother collected and took casino themed centerpieces her work to make it all pretty.

Then, one by one, as the flowers died, she took the jars home and washed them. I think my mother-in-law got a goodly number back that way, just in time for the end of summer.

It depends on how expensive your center pieces are. Ours were mason jars, birch branches, ribbon, and casino themed centerpieces. People would come up and say goodbye at some point in the evening and we would say "bye, thanks for coming, take a center piece".

Leftovers flowers were dumped and we kept the jars. But ours were cheap so it wasn't like a big loss or anything. Am I out of line to suggest a note?

Place a little sign casino themed centerpieces your centerpiece saying, "These pretty flowers are looking for a good home. Think yours might work? Don't worry about the vases though. They've already been adopted. That way anyone who casino themed centerpieces them can take them without giving them to a specific person. I was just going go here casino themed centerpieces a note on the table telling people that they are free to take the centerpieces photos in oil-filled mason jarsbecause otherwise they'll end up in a box in our attic forever.

I'm renting my flower vases form my florist and I absolutely have to have them returned. Any suggestions on telling casino themed centerpieces to not take the centerpieces if I'm not doing printed programs?

Casino themed centerpieces

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Serve refreshments on festive casino card night 9 inch plates. Arrange plush dice as centerpieces and then given away as favors to your party guests.

Serve your casino party food on flashy casino tableware. Decorate your tables with casino centerpieces for a winning look. Vegas Nights 8 Vegas Escape 1. Showing 1 - 60 of 74 Results. Casino themed centerpieces 20 per page 40 per page 60 per page per page.

Sort by Relevance Ratings Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Alphabetical: Showing 1 - 60 of 74 Results Show 20 per page 40 per page 60 per page per page. Previous 1 2 Next. You Might Be Interested In.

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