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What's on your Netflix list. DH and I love Netflix. We're movie freaks learn more here we watch movies a week usually. So we both have pretty extensive lists - our account is set up so that we each get 2 movies. Here's a copy and paste of part of my list I have more than movies click to see more my queue right now: Disc 1 5ive Days to Casino bruhl 06/45 I have over movies in my list.

Right now they've been sucking, but I let them know, so hopefully they'll get their butt together! Disc 1 Pride and Prejudice: Disc 1 Arrested Development: Disc 2 Arrested Development: Disc 2 M it's a foreign film, and yes, that's the title Popular: Disc 2 Evita Seen by a friend Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State: Disc 2 Unforgiven Popular: State of the Union On online casino for saved list: Yup, we're pretty big movie fans as well and just recently got netflix.

I just want to say that I saw Crash over the weekend and think it's one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time! You should put this over in the TV and Movies forum; I bet you'd get a lot more responses. I'm not a Netflix member, so I can't play. I couldn't agree more! I lived in L. I've heard a few people say the movie was too 'in your face' and disturbing, but they've never lived there before, so to them, it might be a little too Lots of great ideas here, we just signed up for casino bruhl 06/45 month trial with Clean Flicks, so I'm loving getting ideas of what to add to our list!

Every time I hear about a movie that sounds interesting I add it to my casino bruhl 06/45. I'm up to 70 and counting. D Some of the movies at the top of my list. Disc 1 More Tales of the City: I have an odd mixture of casino bruhl 06/45 on here-mostly foreign, and then some children's stuff that I haven't seen in years like the Last Unicorn!

Ewok Adventures Titan A. Star Wars Animated Casino bruhl 06/45 Did you know they are coming out with a live action version http: Disc 3 Desperate Housewives: Disc 5 Desperate Housewives: Disc 4 Desperate Housewives: The Wedding Date Herbie: Disc 1 A guilty pleasure.

I read over of the books in my teens Sweet Valley High: Disc 2 Sweet Valley High: Disc 3 Barry Manilow: Disc 1 Once and Again: Disc 2 Once and Again: Disc 3 Once and Again: Disc 4 Once and Casino bruhl 06/45 Disc 5 Once and Again: Disc 6 Once and Again: Disc 5 And Saved March of the Penguins Mr.

I just sent back Gone With The Wind what a great movie!!!! Okay, I just broke down and joined they sent me a 10 disk freebie package, so I thought it was worth it. I have ten movies in my que. My top two should ship later today it's after midnight - well, except that Wedding Crashers has a "short wait" instead of a "now" listing. I have questions about the que though and I can't seem to find a key or legend And what's the triangle thing-a-ma-gig next to that box?

Are these things I should be checking? Anything else I need to know about Netflix? This is to delete the movie from your cue. This moves the casino bruhl 06/45 up your list towards the top of your list. I got Netflix a couple months ago and have absolutely loved it.

We might not really be getting our money's worth since we are lucky to watch 1 movie a week, but the convenience factor is so high. The only problem lately is that the turn around has been so slow. I'm not sure if its them or the post office, hopefully it will get back on track. I have movies in my cue right now. Here are the top 25 Out Now: Seabiscuit The Polar Express Que: I've been impressed casino bruhl 06/45 the speed over the holidays - I've still had a 1 day turn around on movies - so if I mail casino bruhl 06/45 back today, I would get a new one by Thursday Friday at the VERY latest.

I think it's because there's a center so close to us in Phoenix. DH and I are really into Netflix. We love everything so don't be shy! I'll post some obvious ones that you have most likely already seen: DH and I are big movie fans. I think the problem is casino bruhl 06/45 seen so many movies recently. I will casino bruhl 06/45 to being cheesy and say that strictly for fun, DH and I both liked: Next on that list is Wonderfalls. For movies casino bruhl 06/45 been all the typical new releases and the cheesy chick flicks I know DH will never watch with me he's not home on Sat.

Some less-known films that I have loved recently include: Nowhere In Africa -- best foreign film German winner from a few years about a German Jewish family who flees to Africa during WWII Casino bruhl 06/45 espangnole -- French student spends semester in Barcelona with roommates from all over Europe Triplets of Belleville -- bizarre animated feature about kidnapped Tour de France competitor Also, did you see "Crash" yet?

Best movie I've seen this year. Eight months later, she wakes up, but her heart is too weak to withstand any great shock. So Alex goes to great and often hysterical lengths to the truth about her country's reform a secret. This widely praised, Golden Globe-nominated comedy played in festivals around the world.

I'll let casino bruhl 06/45 know what I thought of it. Checked my recent returns to add these: Creepy but good, The Machinist. I also really liked Mr. Smith - I love sarcasm and dry humor, so it was good for me. And Maria Casino bruhl 06/45 of Grace recently received a casino bruhl 06/45 star rating from me.

We just started Netflix, so I don't have a lot on my list, but I liked You just have to rate a bunch of movies that you have already seen, and they will suggest movies based on casino bruhl 06/45 ratings. Maria Full of Grace was fantastic! Rebj, yes, their reco's are pretty good! Maria Full of Grace was a great movie.

Iris, have you seen Hotel Rwanda? Unfortunate Events Bewitched Avalanche: A fellow fan of Samarai movies! I've seen every Samurai movie Mifune is in. I really recommend "High and Low. Series 2 The Aviator Геркулес casino spiele gratis spielen 4x4 pkw soccer еще Disc 3 The Shawshank Redemption:

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Welcome to Cruise Critic! If you'd like to participate on our forums by joining in the conversation, please Register Now!

Register Login User Name. What to wear for dinner? Unregistered, just back from your river cruise? Get published on Cruise Critic; Write a Review! Page 1 of 2. Find Others on Your River Cruise! River Cruising Roll Calls. Casino bruhl 06/45 may not post new threads.

BB code is On. Never Miss a Deal! Posted April 24th, article source, We'll be cruising on the ship Skirnir.

Since this is our first time we have questions. What do most passengers wear for dinner? Can you wear jeans and t-shirts? Or casino bruhl 06/45 it best to wear dressy attire? How did you cope with the vast time difference? Our departure is from Minneapolis. Since we are flying and can only take so much clothing, is it expensive to have the ships crew do your laundry?

Did you wash some of your own clothing then hung to dry? How was the food? Anyone sail on the ship Skirnir? When you were touring off the ship, did you get sick from eating in any of the restaurants? Sorry for all of the questions. Just trying to avoid any pitfalls. I didn't see any roll calls for any of the Viking River Cruises on this website. Casino bruhl 06/45 there is one, can you please let us know. Moved to main River Cruising forum as questions apply to most Viking river cruises.

All casino bruhl 06/45 are mine alone. For dinner, most passengers dress somewhere between dressy and jeans. There were a few times that we had casino bruhl 06/45 long click to see more of touring with not much time between getting back on the ship and time for dinner.

On those evenings, a lot of people wore whatever they had on during the day. Sometimes I'd see a few men in shorts at dinner, but I don't recall ever casino bruhl 06/45 a woman in shorts then, except for a teenager. Everyone has their favorite way of coping with jet lag. I left from St. Louis casino bruhl 06/45 Detroit to Amsterdam.

I start casino bruhl 06/45 the day I arrive without taking a nap, then I have an early dinner and go to bed early. It's the return to the U. I washed some of my own clothes and hung them in the bathroom. There was a clothes line in the shower that could be pulled out. I also wore some things more than once, especially jeans.

I thought it was kind of expensive to have laundry done, but you might think differently. Here is a link to Viking's charges for laundry in Europe: You don't have to worry about getting sick from the food in European restaurants any more than you would have to worry about it in the U.

Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. Thank you so much for your input! We are so looking casino bruhl 06/45 to our river cruise. If you don't mind, have one more question. Do most female passengers carry a purse with them on the tours? Now days you hear so much about thief that you can't help wonder what is best for security.

She carried no cash, just 'boat card' and a picture ID usually, camera sunscreen tissues sunglasses etc I had the cash and credit cards in pockets of cargo shorts on most tours I would advise you casino bruhl 06/45 wear resort attire on the river cruise and even bring 1 fancy top to wear on a special night for Captain's dinner.

Personally, I prefer to wear a sundress with a lightweight jacket if it is warm out - it's more comfortable and cooler than jeans or shorts. As to purses - heck no. Not only for security, but just because they are a pain in the butt to carry around. Put your stuff in a casino bruhl 06/45 pocket in your lightweight casino bruhl 06/45 such as this one: If you carry a purse you take the risk of being dragged, plus the weight of it will get very wearing during the casino lodge silverton. You are far better off with concealed pocket garments.

Thieves can't immediately figure out where you stuff is, so they move on to easier prey. Also, if you look like you might be a business person, they usually skip over you because they think tourists carry a lot of cash, whereas a business person wouldn't.

Posted April 27th, Dinner is very casual. If you dress Casino bruhl 06/45 Casual, you'll be on the best dressed list. I wore a polo shirt and slacks or jeans almost everyday with a good pair of walking shoes or deck shoes. Laundry is on the expensive side.

Maximize your luggage with clothes and forget the extra stuff. Make sure you bring a lightweight waterproof rain jacket. My wife did a lot of research and we bought Marmet brand rain jackets. You can roll them up and place them in a bag or purse. You can expect rain in the lowlands and Germany can be unpredictable.

We did luck out and had almost all sunny days after we sailed out of The Netherlands. The rain jackets came in very handy in Kinderdijk. It was drizzle the entire time we were there. I found the food to be excellent. I'm no foodie and can be a fussy casino bruhl 06/45, but there was always something on the menu that I really enjoyed. BTW If you can't make up your mind on the dessert menu, the staff is more than happy to offer you more casino bruhl 06/45 one.

New yellow brick road in European restaurants is as safe as the US. Also, some people on the trip took the Munich and Salzburg optional tours casino bruhl 06/45 were disappointed because it involves an all day coach ride and the amount of time at the destinations was too short.

You are better off with the jocuri casino jar tours, or optional tours closer to the ship on those days Have a great adventure.

Posted May 17th, Everything about it was fabulous. We had a veranda room which was well worth it. I would think jeans would be too warm in June and no one wore them at all on our first river cruise in Sept in Germany. Last May, some men and women wore jeans and tee shirts at lunch but not dinner nor was dinner really dressy. Men wore просто ft mcdowell casino тебе and a nice shirt, ladies "dressed up "outfits with a nice scarf and jewelry.

A crossbody bag is a must for daily excursions. We each took a carryon with one checked bag for both. But our friends going this time and on first cruise take ONLY a carryon each. We could not survive 18 days like that but they make it work. Do not nap when you arrive. Explore the city and get to bed early. We weren't tired at all coming from Boston On our first trip we arrived in Prague late so just casino bruhl 06/45 dinner and went to bed.

Food was delicious both on and off the ship. Have a great time! Everything about the trip was fantastic. We had a veranda room and it was worth the extra.

06 TAZ 54 - yine vizyonnda ;)

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