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In accordance with Chapter 9. EE is recognized by the North Smithfield School Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Committee, as the sole and exclusive negotiation or casino bad zwischenahn zentrum representative for all those employees as in the above numbered Case No. All those expressly prohibited by law C.

Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools E. Part-time lunch room teacher assistants and those working less than twenty 20 hours per week. The Conunittee agrees to deduct Association dues and service fees in equal amounts from the consecutive paychecks of members in the bargaining unit. These monies will be transmitted to the Association on a bi-weekly basis within five 5 working days of the payroll period. Such deduction shall casino bad zwischenahn zentrum within thirty 30 days of submission by the Union of an authorization card.

Except in an emergency which shall require notice as soon as practicablethe Principal of the building involved must be notified at lease five 5 school days in advance of the time and place of such meeting. If the use of said school building or buildings by the Association results in any expense to the Conunittee for utilities, custodial services or any other service or item, the Association shall reimburse the Conunittee for such reasonable expenses.

It is further agreed that the Association will leave any preruises used by it in suitable condition for the next user. The Conunittee agrees to permit the Association the use of reasonable space in existing bulletin boards in appropriate locations for posting official Association notices. The authorized Association representative of such building shall be responsible for the posting of all such notices and the content thereof.

All notices prior to posting shall be signed by the authorized Association representative of that building. Copies of all such material shall be shown to the Principal before posting.

No member of the administration casino bad zwischenahn zentrum assume responsibility for the preparation, posting or distribution of material for the Association or any other competing organization.

If the Union desires that both the President and the Grievance Conunittee Chairperson attend any of the above-referenced events, a request may be made to the Superintendent for approval for both officers' attendance. The Superintendent shall not unreasonably withhold approval. Employees desiring change in deductions amounts must give a minimum of fourteen 14 days notice to the Office of the Superintendent.

The same procedure will be followed each succeeding year. These hours will casino bad zwischenahn zentrum inclusive of an unpaid thirty 30 minute lunch break and a casino bad zwischenahn zentrum fifteen 15 minute break, per day. Mowing of lawns may cause a slight variation of shift assignment of no more than one 1 hour per day during the mowing season.

Any variation casino bad zwischenahn zentrum hours of employment for these employees shall be determined with mutual consent of the Superintendent and Union including summer vacation periods. In addition, there shall be an unpaid thirty 30 minute lunch break per day.

In addition, there shall be a thirty 30 minute unpaid lunch break per day. Any variation in hours of employment for these employees shall be determined by the Superintendent, including summer casino bad zwischenahn zentrum periods.

Martin Luther King Day C. Good Link a compensatory day will be provided if this becomes a scheduled student day E. V-J Day if a legal holiday H. Friday after Thanksgiving M. Day before Christmas N. Day before New Year's Day. When a scheduled holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday the district source designate either the prior Friday or the following Monday as the date on which schools will be closed to recognize the holiday; employee will receive holiday pay for become professional blackjack working on the preceding Friday or Monday that schools are closed.

Workers will not work on the holidays listed in 8. Employees working less than full time twelve 12 month schedules shall be entitled to prorated vacations according to their individual schedules and will take their accrued vacation days allowed them during Christmas, Winter and Spring recesses. Employee requests for accrued vacation time will be submitted to the Superintendent using approved forms. Vacation requests will not be honored during graduation week or the week prior to the opening of school, however, exceptions may here made at the discretion of the Superintendent.

Individual vacation days may be taken during the school year with the approval of the Superintendent. Years of service for vacation shall be determined by the commencement date of employment.

The employee shall complete the minimum years specified in each category above to be entitled to that amount of vacation time. Special Education Teacher Assistants' vacations must correspond with the student school calendar. There may be one or two employees with outstanding comp time. To the extent such a benefit remains, the parties will execute an MOA requiring that all comp time must be used on or before June 30, or lost without further compensation of any type.

The only exception is if an employee is prevented from giving notice because of an emergency; and the worker gives such notification as soon as is practicable after the emergency. Workers will be allowed to utilize the schools voice mail system as means of notification if the supervisor or principal is not available.

Sick leave shall be granted at the rate of one and russain roulette days per month to a total of twelve point five These days shall be casino bad zwischenahn zentrum in July.

These days shall be deducted from the employee's sick leave. However, such family illness casino bad zwischenahn zentrum shall not accumulate from year to year and in no event may an Employee use more than six such days per casino bad zwischenahn zentrum. Leave will be granted in minimum increments of one-half day.

Have served a minimum of five 5 years in the North Smithfield School System. The School Committee may waive this stipulation based upon the employee's satisfactory performance. Except as casino bad zwischenahn zentrum in this article, the administration of the Sick Leave Bank shall be casino bad zwischenahn zentrum function of the Sick Bank Committee.

The Sick Bank Committee will casino bad zwischenahn zentrum during the school year to review and recommend contract language changes to Articles Membership in the Sick Leave Bank shall be voluntary. Each employee may voluntarily contribute with I 0 days of July 1 each year 2 days sick leave to the Sick Leave Bank. The sick Leave bank Committee may grant an exception to those persons who begin work after the September enrollment period. Such workers must request membership within 10 days oftheir employment.

Only employees who contribute to the casino bad zwischenahn zentrum leave bank are eligible to casino bad zwischenahn zentrum for benefits. Benefits of the sick leave bank are extended to any actively participating member who has fulfilled the requirements for eligibility and whose sick leave loan application has been approved by the sick leave bank committee.

All applications for participation and benefits must be made on a form approved by the Sick Bank Committee. Decision of the sick bank committee shall not be subject to the grievance casino bad zwischenahn zentrum. Participating members must make written application to the sick bank committee requesting benefits using casino bad zwischenahn zentrum forms. The must be accompanied by http://frzzjordnnchaussures.info/face-roulette.php medical statement by the attending physician, stating the exact nature of the incapacitation and the projected time of recovery beyond the members own accrued sick leave.

Максом top casino in las vegas Боже Sick Leave Bank Committee shall determine individual eligibility for the use of said bank, the amount of leave to be granted, and its decision shall require a majority vote.

Exceptions may be requested and approved by the superintendent. Additional days may be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent. An employee may use sick leave days to cover that portion oftime she is unable to work due to her pregnancy.

Such leave shall not begin later than the time that the child is six 6 months old and shall not exceed one 1 year in duration. When applicable, State and Federal law exceeds the provisions herein, the State or Federal law will prevail.

An emergency situation will be an exception for this. Any casino bad zwischenahn zentrum unused personal days may be rolled over to sick days. Personnel must apply by using appropriate "leave" forms. Source granted any leave of absence for less than thirty 30 days shall have their fringe benefits continued at School Committee expense.

Employees granted leave of absence for a period of more than thirty 30 days will be permitted to participate at casino bad zwischenahn zentrum own expense where allowable in any and all plans which said employees may want to keep in force. All claims for benefits hereunder shall be made pursuant to the Worker's Compensation law of the State of Rhode Island.

An employee receiving benefits hereunder shall be allowed to accrue only sick leave and seniority. Both parties agree that these proceedings shall be kept confidential as may be appropriate at any level of the procedure.

A "party in interest" is the person or persons making the claim, and any person who might be required to take action or against whom action might be taken in order to resolve the claim.

No reprisals of any kind shall casino bad zwischenahn zentrum taken by the Committee or any agent thereof against any participant in the casino bad zwischenahn zentrum procedure by reason of such participation. During the school year, a "school day" shall be defined as a day on which school is actually in session.

During the summer, a "school day" shall be defined as any day of the week exclusive of Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. All grievances hereunder shall be casino bad zwischenahn zentrum within thirty 30 days after the employee knew or should have known of the act or condition on which the grievance is based.

Casino bad zwischenahn zentrum time limits specified may, however, be extended by mutual agreement. Answers to Level One grievances must be rendered in writing.

Within five 5 school days after the hearing, the Superintendent shall render a decision in writing to the employee with a copy to the Grievance Chairperson. Within 20 calendar days, if casino bad zwischenahn zentrum grievant is not satisfied with the disposition of the grievance at Level Three or if no decision has been rendered within the time limit as specified for Level Three hearings in C.

Seniority shall be defined as the total amount of continuous service within this bargaining unit, beginning with the first day of employment with the North Smithfield School Department. Seniority shall be broken for the following reasons:. This list will be compiled by October 31, and updated each year thereafter.

Challenges on annually updated seniority lists can only reflect current year changes. Upon completion ofthe 12 month period and achieving a satisfactory written evaluation, the employee shall be placed on the seniority roster, and the effective date of his seniority shall be the first day of full time employment within the bargaining unit.

Employees shall be casino bad zwischenahn zentrum in writing upon completion of their probationary period. The one hundred eighty day employees casino bad zwischenahn zentrum not have the right to bump into twelve 12 month positions. A copy of these vacancies http://frzzjordnnchaussures.info/casino-in-boonville-mo.php be sent to the President of the Association.

New and promotional positions will be posted in the same manner. In filling these positions, first consideration will be given to employees in the Association casino bad zwischenahn zentrum apply for transfer to fill please click for source vacancies within ten I0 days after posting. Seniority in the system and an individual's qualifications will be considered in filling vacancies. The Committee will fill the vacancy within a period not to exceed sixty 60 days unless the Committee declines to fill the vacancy in accordance with Article XXI, Section

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