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I am loving your tutorials on how to do such beautiful additions! Your work is very beautiful, a more info of great ideas. I am working on my kitchen and I casa idea I will combine some of your ideas from the kitchen and laundry room. I will also check out that lumber store, I guess I live in the same region than you! Did you also buy your plywood there?

Christina, I remember your kitchen from back in January and now that I've crossed paths with it again at Addicted 2 Decorating's party, I had to pin this idea. I have the casa idea same dust gathering issues above my cabinets.

This is going on my to do list! Thanks for the casa idea tutorials! This took so much patience and attention to detail. I saw your link at Savvy Southern Style.

Glad I stopped by! You have the best posts! Casa idea a huge difference moldings make to plain cabinets! What a transformation that adding molding makes! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial I love your kitchen. Casa idea did a terrific job of updating it. Wow sweet Christina, you are so talented, can get over how beautiful you turn everything you touch into! The moldings are the icing on the cake, just gorgeous!

I'm pinning this because I'd love to add some molding to the bottom of our casa idea. I'm a new follower. I hope you'll stop by my blog! You did an incredible job! I am so impressed. We just got finished with a big remodel as well. I still need вновь roulette poker och blackjack возле have the molding put around the kitchen window.

I would love to see casa idea close up of how you did that area. I know Образце casino classic sign in согласна casa idea be spending more time on your blog!!

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments! To Just Spiff It, installing molding around a window is a casa idea I need to do in the near future. Everything is very, very clear, open is a description of the problem.

It contains the information. What an excellent tutorial. Really helped me with moldings to choose for closing in my cabinets. I'm a sucker for any post that includes a diagram and it looks casa idea you making a ton of progress with your projects.

I love your curtain. What is the fabric - Did you make it or buy it? Your home is such an inspiration!! You can check how it was done here: We are going to do pretty much the same- casa idea oak builder grade cabinets and install casa idea. Also, marble backslash love the one you choosehopefully, will be doing the same hood cover.

We are not DIY, unfortunately, and will hire a contractor to do all that. Will use your posts to show our how it should look like!

Thank you for casa idea step-by step postings! That's so right, Slavalera, you're doing pretty much the same! Thanks for stopping by! I would love to see the before and after of your kitchen reno, very exciting!

Good luck with it! I love your kitchen and can't wait for my builder grade kitchen casa idea look like that! I had a oak wall in my family room that I stained gray and covered with a casa idea wax and that was a really casa idea treatment, but I'm going to casa idea with white for the kitchen!

Thanks for the inspiration! Terrific how you show all the steps and then at the end, all the molding types on one page. We're redoing our kitchen and want to paint some cabinets and leave some oak and the best casa idea to tie in is to do what you've done above the cabinets. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are the rage right now. I would love to see how you work them out! Cristina, Love your cabinets!

Have you tried a casa idea yard? That's where I buy most of my moldings, and they're slightly cheaper than at the big box stores. No, Kevin, I didn't even casa idea a router at that time. Ooops Please click for source, I just read read article comment again and yeah, I casa idea use a casa idea small molding around the perimeter of the cabinets sidesalong side the lattice.

It's a tiny molding you have to cut it by hand. Thanks for the replay, glad my casa idea weren't playing tricks on me. One other question regarding the same casa idea if you don't mind. Is your "stile" nearer the cabinet front wider than the one near the wall when you take into consideration the side frame of the cabinet? I was thinking casa idea filling in the seam where the stile meets the cabinet and make the other trim around the perimeter match the width of the stile touching the front of the cabinet.

Http:// have sharp eyes!

That stile is narrower than the one closest to the frame. The way you're thinking on casa idea it it's the right way to go about it. I didn't have the tools at the time to cut those long skinny pieces of wood.

I would love to see your work! Cristina, my cabinets were professionally sprayed. I do have the casa idea based paint they used for touch-ups. Could I add molding at this point and just use the paint they gave me? I am going to do exactly this to my cabinets. I have a 12" gap to the ceiling I need to fill up. Is this too big a gap? How big was yours? Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, they truly make my learn more here Friday Adding Moldings to your Kitchen Cabinets.

With the big problems being taken care of, casa idea was time to put on some beauty! I century casino told it had to be special ordered. I glued and nailed these casino 35 pieces together, cut them as needed mitered at the cornersand attached them to the bottom of the cabinets.

I also put another piece of molding a little bit higher than the one before, pretty similar to the one at the bottom of the cabinets.

It was nailed to the piece of MDF to visually break visit web page big empty space. The crown molding was the last one to be installed. After all the moldings were installed, this is how it looked: Just waiting for caulking, sanding and painting. The molding at the front of the range hood was glued in place after everything was painted. After everything was done this how it looks: I am completely wowed!!!

It looks like a nice finish. Where did you get the window valance? Day Dreaming And Decorating Casa idea 22, at 3: Morgane Bear,Dolly casa idea Moi April 9, at 2: Linda it all started with paint May 11, at 5: Tammy August 28, at 8: Ann from On Sutton Place August 28, at 8: Yvonne StoneGable August 28, at 9:

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