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Welcome to io9's occasionally weekly mail column, where I solve the mysteries of the world of nerd-dom to you, both fictional and otherwise. Black jack casino universe an evil BB-8 droid a good thing or a bad thing? What happens if Justice League suck as bad as Batman v Black jack casino universe does? Do the other DC movies get scrapped? The problem is that WB knows it could have made a lot more if it had been better, and fans had actually liked it.

Then the studio miraculously got Wonder Woman right, so it knows that it has the power to make a true, Marvel Studios-level superhero blockbuster, even if it has no real idea how it managed it.

To wonder if WB will reset the DC Extended Universe is to wonder if it actually has a cinematic universe in the first place.

Aquaman is much too close to being finished for the WB to back out of now, and Wonder Woman 2 is as a safe a bet as there could be. Neither Cyborg nor Green Lantern Corps. Do you really think all 13 of these movies will actually make it to theaters? Oh, and if somehow Justice League is a smash hit and everything gets greenlit? Well, then Ben Affleck is still obviously, adorably desperate to click at this page this nonsenseand Flashpoint almost certainly will, by its very name, reset the DC movie-verse anyway.

Not even Warner Bros. I know Weiss and Benioff have barely done anything else in Hollywood beyond Game of Thrones, which seems pretty incriminating. I also know that it feels like the black jack casino universe of them fully abandoned the books this season, and then calamity and problems immediately ensued.

More importantly, the two have been going off script from the books from the very beginning, from that wonderful, iconic conversation between Cersei and Robert Baratheon in season one right through that magnificent season six finale where Cersei finally achieved everything on her vision board.

They had run out of book material for black jack casino universe storylines starting back in season four, black jack casino universe yet we were good straight through six. More time would have allowed more characters more moments, more explanations for some of the bizarre things that happened see belowand just more breathing room to black jack casino universe the various storylines more weight.

As for who decided to shortened the seasons, I sincerely doubt Weiss and Benioff wanted to. That go here the actors, and remember, seven years is a long time for an actor to play a single character, especially actors of the caliber of Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage. I bet anything Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke at minimum are dying to be done with it in order to move please click for source to new projects.

The actors black jack casino universe had to sign new contracts for season seven and eight, and for many of them, the show needed them more than vice versa. I imagine these two shortened seasons was all they could get out of one or more of the biggest stars, forcing them to try and stuff everything they hoped to do in 20 episodes into source Which resulted in problems like….

What the hell was the opening scene with the Unsullied and Dothraki waiting outside of check this out castle and how did black jack casino universe teleport from there to the first meeting ever of the major players?

I have scoured the net trying to figure out what the scene was and no one has covered it. You know, I pride myself on being able to figure out completely unsupported ways to fill the plot holes of just about anything, but I have no clue here.

I have read every io9 article on The Defenders and I can see no one has asked what is, to me, the most annoying question about Elektra in The Defenders: What are her motives after she remembers who she is and who Matt is? Why she fighting Matt? If everyone loves how the end of Game of Thrones plays out on HBO, he black jack casino universe puts that story into novel form and publishes it. Well… he could, I guess, but that would necessitate George R.

Again, over the course of time before the final volume is finished, he may change his mind about how certain storylines will proceed or end.

It contained his black jack casino universe origin story, where Abin Sur crashed on Earth and gave him the power ring, but the reason Abin Sur or, rather, the ring itself selected Hal is because he 1 had no fear and 2 was honest. The black jack casino universe on the ring was that it needed to be recharged periodically like a battery.

But what Black jack casino universe found out is that the ring would do anything he willed it to do. It feels wrong, even if Green Lanterns carry their damn lanterns for five minutes every dozen issues. So yes, bravery is an infinitely better, more appropriate idea based not only article source the emotional spectrum concept and various lantern corps that have defined modern Green Lantern.

Is BB-H8 the best idea ever click at this page the worst idea read article And where do Porgs fit in here? Giving the First Order an evil BB-8 is a bad black jack casino universe. BB-8 is inherently cute, and painting him black does not make him any more menacing.

It looks like the First Order has gotten a puppy and given black jack casino universe a big spiked collar to make him look intimidating. On the other hand, the fact that his name is BB-H8 completely justifies the idea and I wholly support it with every fiber of my being. I feel the world will come around to this correct point of view. A Puffin-Corgi crossover is so click to see more, mercilessly marketable that I have to respect it.

I recently purchased Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on video. However, one thing still bothers me:. When Kirby introduced them in the comics, they had a goals that were definite but beyond human understanding. Later, writers like Jonathan Hickman gave an even more ominous cast to their purpose in the universe. But the Celestials were always presented as having an objective to their existence.

Remember, in the first movie the Guardians went to Knowhere, which is literally app slots the head of a deceased Celestial. Parts of them—metaphorically and physically—are out there, and it would make sense that legends or their legacy would survive until the present day.

Now I have no black jack casino universe to read or burn at night to keep warm. So if you have a question, a query, a mystery that needs answering, a problem that needs solving, or just about anything else, please feel free to email any and all of them to postman io9. Mostly Game of Thrones Edition. About the author Rob Bricken.

Rob Bricken Rob Bricken is the Editor black jack casino universe io9, yo. More from our network. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service.

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Real estate Gran Canaria Services. Buying a house abroad is a very important life decision followed by a significant financial investment.

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The closest beaches of Pasito Blanco or Maspalomas are 9 kms far. You can stroll across the famous large sand dunes or relax on a large sandy beach. Puerto Rico — Amadores Bustling and busy seaside resort with a sandy beach, small port and with the amazing beach of Amadores in its neighbourhood. Great black jack casino universe of shops, boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and night clubs. Las Palmas Cosmopolitan city with a beautiful 3km long sandy beach and with a lot of culture, history, sports, shopping and night life.

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